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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

Welcome to Weekend 2014.

What happens at Weekend?

What happens at Weekend?

Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj gathered 4000 participants



Fifth Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj completed a double concert attraction, performances of Bombay and Rambo Amadeus. In three days, Weekend attracted 4000 guests within an old tobacco factory, who could choose between four halls from a rich program in which more than one hundred speakers and panelists took part.

Greatest interest provoked new formats, such as Hard Talk, in which the guests were the CEO of Atlantic Group, Emil Tedeschi and veteran regional media scene Goran Milić and Aleksandar Tijanić. Their discussions attracted a large number of people in the Hall Weekend where extra chairs were requested.

Eventful was also a panel discussion on the future of Croatia and this region, in which participated the first vice president of the Croatian government Čačić and CEO of T-HT Ivica Mudrinić. Čačić has announced that the first effects of this Government to see in the last quarter of this year, early next year will be bad, but then the second and third quarter will be better. Mudrinić again warned on slow administration and expensive capital as the main obstacles to investment’s growth and urged to promote the vision that we will not live better if you do not attract and greet capital. The first panel discussion was devoted to crisis communication, and the conclusion is that the crisis needs to think before they happen, because the mother prepares every success in managing the crisis. The panel on the state of journalism is said that journalism has never been more productive than it is today, the production of content and competition are greater than ever, as the number of platforms on which the content is published.

The novelty in this year's Weekend and look over the fence, the format in which the media market experts presented six successor states of the former Yugoslavia. The value of the media markets generally proportional to the size of some countries, even if the data in all the countries of the highly controversial because of the high discount.

They also talked about TV ratings and sports sponsorships, and presented a global online games market and innovation in the media. Also for the first time on the weekend, in conjunction with HURA a show held regional marketing productions and advertising best practices, called BalCannes. Of 101 of 52 agencies from six countries shows 25 most interesting projects. At Weekend was held and 13 Conference for Public Relations HUOJ.

The fifth Weekend Media Festival presented numerous of new projects. Croatian Telecom announced a strategic agreement with Google, which has become the first Premier Google Ad Words partner in Croatia. Chief Editor of Finance of Slovenia, the Croatian, Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, New magazine from Serbia, Montenegro News from the Capital of Macedonia signed an agreement on cooperation and launching media project Business Plus, which will be integrated on single platform business information from all countries of the region. Presented is a digital strategy Istria’s tourism, which, after four months of implementation gained 33,000 new fans on Facebook and 500 new followers on Twitter.

The fifth edition of the Weekend Media Festival hosted 4000 participants from Croatia and regions, as well as visitors from Europe and America, among whom there were about 500 accredited journalists and more than 100 speakers and panelists from across the region. With top-notch lectures, panel discussions and presentations, Weekend confirmed the position of the best concerts and parties that ends the summer season in Rovinj.