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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

Welcome to Weekend 2014.



Željko Mitrović: Pink isn’t for sale but wants cooperation in the region

“Pink TV is not for sale. Instead, it is in the process of expanding to markets interested in cooperation that will bring additional business and profits,” said the owner of Pink TV Željko Mitrović at the seventh Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. For three and a half years Pink TV had been waging a battle to recover from its past sins; however, last year, following the end of that battle, the company was in the black with an income of EUR 35m. Pink has two national licenses in Slovenia and one in Bulgaria, where Mitrović plans to expand to in 2016. Many criticize him for opening doors to the so-called turbo folk with all the kitsch programs but Mitrović believes that, as a commercial TV station, they need to follow the trends – and, anyways, he himself has not created that trend.


During the first lecture on the second day of the seventh Weekend Media Festival, Christophe Morin of the US-based SalesBrain revealed the secrets of neuromarketing. The key trigger that makes a customer buy a product or accept a message is located in the oldest part of our brain, the so-called reptilian brain. By affecting that particular part of the brain, where all the basic functions are, we can convince a person of the necessity of a product or an information.

The panel discussion titled Should I Stay Or Should I Go was extremely interesting; most of the panelists concluded that leaving Croatia wasn’t that big of a deal – coming back was a bigger problem. The biggest obstacle to one’s return seem to be all the dandies, impostors and cheats that we let make all the key decisions. Croatia was constantly producing surplus politics, history and frauds, at the same time lacking in brains, said Adris Group’s Predrag Grubić, while Korado Korlević of the Višnjan Observatory said he regretted the fact that Croatia wasn’t an equal opportunity country but a country of political opportunists and anal speleologists – something that young people were aware of and that was why they left.  

Furthermore, at this year’s Weekend the project of promoting Professor Baltazar to Croatia’s first artistic and socially responsible brand was also presented. The project’s huge step forward is the construction of the entertainment and educational center ZEZ at the Zagreb Fair, as announced yesterday by the Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić.

Finally, for the second time now Weekend hosted the SoMo Borac award ceremony, showcasing the best digital projects in the region. This year’s winners are as follows:

SoMust Have: Media S SMVG DOO Beograd, Sweeet (Štark)
Walking and Watching: Infinum, Papaya club
There's Not a Problem That I Can't Fix. Cause I Can Do It in the Mix!: Fond B92, Tuna Fish Studio, BBC Media Action, #SamoKažem 
CM of the Year: Executive Group, The Coca-Cola Company
Application with the Capital A: Infinum, Erste&Steiermärkische Bank
SoMo Content: Pristop, Telekom Slovenije
Viral Blockbuster: McCann Beograd, Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozorište
SoMo Face: Executive Group d.o.o., Strauss Adriatic d.o.o. – Doncafé