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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

Welcome to Weekend 2014.



Vanja Blumenšajn and Iva Kaligarić: Communication with half a brain

The right side of the brain is responsible for one’s feelings and creativity, while the left side is rational and analytical. Oftentimes, when developing a particular communication, only one side of the brain is used (and sometimes neither). 

Señor is continually thinking about using both sides of one’s brain; how can one come up with smart strategies that stir and cause emotions – good communication isn’t good unless it integrates both sides of the brain.

Information overload is one of the reasons why communication should be smart and creative in order to avoid that particular problem. Times are more challenging than ever (or do people always believe that about their own times?), so why don’t we use all the potential we have?


It is also important to consider the changes in communication as well as to choose the right agency partner. One of the biggest misconceptions is the division between large and small agencies. An average domestic company requires a team of several people: a strategist, an account manager, a copywriter, a designer… That many people work on a particular account regardless of whether it is a small or a large agency; the other 50-70 people have other things to do. What is different is the amount of energy and commitment the smaller agencies bring to their work, as well as their flexibility.