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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

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Presidential elections will be a toss-up until the very end

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović stands out as a very serious opposing candidate to Ivo Josipović in the coming presidential elections, which will be a toss-up until the very end. There are no other serious candidates that can go toe-to-toe with them. That was the conclusion of the panel “Campaign for presidential elections 2014: Two candidates and maybe one more”.

The panellists Damir Jugo, Tomislav Klauški, Anita Malenica, Jadranka Kosor and Zoran Tomić discussed all the possible scenarios for the presidential elections and commented on the election campaign which started a long time ago.

“It will be a hard and even fight. I have known Josipović for a long time, even before he became president, and until our recent meeting in Metković, I have never seen him in a state of sheer panic. Based on that, it seems Kolinda’s candidacy has really shaken him up”, said Anita Malenica.

The panellists compared this presidential election to the one from 2005 when Stjepan Mesić beat Jadranka Kosor, but Kosor dismisses the comparison. 

“This is a different situation. I lost the elections in 2005 because of other circumstances. I have my own opinion about that, but I will keep it to myself because of what happened to me in HDZ. I will only say that Kolinda once said she thought Karamarko is a wonderful man.”

The panellists think that the third candidate could be Milan Kujundžić, but he is hardly in a position to threaten either Ivo Josipović or Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

“It is his legitimate right to put his candidacy before anything else, because it is an important platform for presenting one’s ideas. Even though I do not consider him to be a serious candidate, he will have a platform to present his ideas”, concluded Zoran Tomić.

“He is in a tough position. I think Kujundžić will run, but he will not be a relevant presidential candidate due to his rating”, says Damir Jugo.

Tomislav Klauški feels that Grabar-Kitarović will have a bigger chance to win if she refrains from media appearances and if the Church backs up her candidacy.

“Kolinda would be a good candidate if someone takes her by the hand and guides her through the campaign. The key is getting the Church to back her up. If that happens, her rating will skyrocket, as did Bandić’s when he ran against Josipović. If the Church backs up a candidate, their chances to win automatically increase”, says Tomislav Klauški.