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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

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Damir Hajduk and Robert Tomljenović: Was that a commercial right now?


Advertising in audiovisual programs is changing and adapting to the changes in the ways of using the media. The advertising-related rules and regulations are lagging behind the changes caused by the use of new technologies in producing, publishing and distributing audiovisual programming.

Croatia has adopted the EU’s legal framework; however, by the time Croatia began implementing the rules and regulations of the audiovisual commercial communications, Brussels started considering amending the existing approach.

There is an discrepancy between the way the legislation is understood and the need for an education as well as a more active approach through self-regulation or co-regulation – the latter being  a common approach to regulating the advertising in western Europe.

The Electronic Media Council has been regulating all the advertising through the channels of the providers of the audiovisual media services in Croatia since 2004. Furthermore, it has been actively participating in the European Commission’s discussions on the upcoming amendments to the existing legal framework.