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Weekend Media FestivalRovinj, 18. - 21. 09. 2014.

Welcome to Weekend 2014.

Presentations & Extras

Presentations & Extras

Presentations & Extras

BalCannes to present top 25 projects of the year

For the third year in a row, the advertising agencies’ review titled BalCannes will showcase the top agencies from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro at the Weekend Media Festival. Take a look at the region’s best 25 agency projects, as selected by the journalists covering the industry, and find the agency that will provide you with the best marketing support.



In the movie „Little Budo“, starring Petar Strugar, the son of a surgeon from Podgorica (who doesn't have the best reputation) comes to Belgrade. His father's friend-family ties will launch him in a whirlwind of dark humorous events which will, in a very witty way, depict the first encounter of an 18-year old with the capital of Serbia.


Ubod budućnosti

Sting of the Future

HUMAN, SIMPLE, SMART – Are the demands of the modern consumers hidden behind this slogan?

In this fast-changing world the consumers’ expectations grow faster than ever… What about cars?


Budućnost TV oglašavanja

The Future of TV Advertising

What’s next in TV advertising? Discovery Networks, together with The Future Foundation, investigated this through an original quantitative research amongst TV viewers in ten countries across CEEMEA, as well as interviews with a panel of 10 TV and advertising experts. 

Details – Internet radio koji se actually sluša – Internet radio you actually listen to

JUKEBOX.HR – The Internet radio station operating in two ways: spreading radio ratings through HoReCa channels (Hotel, restaurants, cafés) all over Croatia – a huge reach with affordable advertising rates; setting custom radio stations for clients with a developed retail network (retail chains, hotels, public places…). 


Kako offline svijet postaje online

How the offline world becomes online

The presentation will focus on the development and DOOH industry (digital out of home) trends in the world in the last 10 years. We will show examples of how Clients used media in very creative ways.


Profesor Baltazar - Licenca koja nikad nije trebala biti

Professor Balthazar – a licence that was never meant to be

The connection with Professor Balthazar and the project to promote him into the first Croatian artistic and socially responsible brand results with extraordinary experiences, and it is a special challenge to steer the power of the brand into licencing intersected projects in seemingly unrelated business and social areas.